Former UNICCO President Abbaccus Nyan Dokie’s Philanthropic Visit Leaves Lasting Impact on Nimba County

Frm President Duokie honor in Zekepa

By: Edmund C. Gbarwee, Nimba D-9 TV Public Health Reporter/

Nimba, LiberiaFormer United Nimba Citizens Council (UNICCO) National President, Abbaccus Nyan Dokie, demonstrated unwavering commitment to his roots during his visit to Nimba County in December 2023. The philanthropic endeavors of Dokie, who currently resides in New Jersey, United States of America, extended across various sectors, including healthcare, education, media,security sector and community development.

Invited by The One Nimba House Media Inc (Nimba D-9 TV), that is managing Radio Voice of Yarwin Mehnsonnoh 99.1FM located in Zekepa, Liberia’s proposed Capital City, Dokie’s visit to Nimba County Electoral District Nine and other parts of the county resulted in substantial contributions aimed at uplifting the local populace.

Renovations to the mini-conference room at Radio Voice of Yarwin Mehnsonnoh 99.1FM and the provision of medical and non-medical supplies worth over US$500 to the Zekepa Health Center and Maternal Waiting Home highlighted his dedication to bolstering healthcare services. Furthermore, Dokie’s generosity extended to the education sector with the awarding of scholarships to deserving students at Zekeh Memorial High School.

Mrs. Helena Weh-Johnson, Officer-in-Charge of the Zekepa Health Center, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the support provided by Duokie, emphasizing the critical role these contributions play in serving the district’s health sector with over 78,000-plus residents. The impact of Dokie’s visit was palpable, with initiatives like “Nimba D-9 TV Help Minimize Epilepsy campaign” garnering praise for their positive effects on the community.

Dokie’s commitment to community welfare was exemplified through gestures such as presenting gifts to elderly mothers on the eve of Christmas, showcasing inclusivity and compassion.

Moreover, his support extended to empowering women, as evidenced by the donation of a cassava processing machine and facilities worth over US$2,500 to the Women Empowerment Forum Liberia (WEFL) through a fundraiser initiated by him.

The Founder and CEO of The One Nimba House Media Inc (Nimba D-9 TV) Edmund C. Gbarwee lauded Dokie’s contributions, highlighting the collective efforts of citizens and stakeholders in fostering development.

Yarwin Mehnsonnoh Statutory District Superintendent David L. Jacob also commended Dokie’s dedication to his homeland and emphasized the importance of continued support for Liberia’s development.

In collaboration with James Wuo Harris and the City Council of Saclepea headed by Lord Mayor Jeremiah B. Yangean, Dokie spearheaded a day-long cleaning campaign, emphasizing the importance of post-election peace and community cleanliness. His contributions extended to the Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center and the Inland Clinic, where over US$700 worth of medical and non-medical supplies were donated. He also provided support to the security sector mainly the police officers assigned in the city of Saclepea.

James Wuo Harris acknowledged Dokie’s contributions, emphasizing their significance in fostering community development and unity. The collaborative efforts between Dokie, local authorities, and stakeholders underscore a commitment to sustainable development and community well-being in Nimba County.

While counting he and his family many selfless community services, Mr. Duokie provided 50 pieces of plastic chairs to Nimba Women United for Peace, Reconciliation and Development as way of enhancing their activities in Sanniquellie, Nimba County and they honoured he and his wife as a sign of their heartfelt appreciation.

It can be recalled that in 2021 December, Mr. Dokie and family renovated fully the police station in Sanniquellie and equally provided medical and non-medical materials to several health facilities in Nimba County Electoral District Two worth over US$3,500

Abbaccus Dokie’s philanthropic visit serves as a testament to the power of individuals to effect positive change in their communities, leaving a lasting impact on the people of Nimba County. As the echoes of his generosity resonate, they serve as inspiration for continued efforts towards sustainable development and collective prosperity.


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