A Civil Society Organization X-Rays USAID Liberia Funded Representative Debates in Nimba County

Zekepa Debate

By: Laura Bee Kiekpo/Executive Director/ WONGOSOL Treasurer/ Photos and contents by: Nimba D-9 TV/

Zekepa, Nimba County, Liberia: – On September 19,2023, The Public Trust Media Group organized a 2023 Representatives Debates across Nimba County and climaxed the event in Zekepa, Nimba County Electoral District Nine.

The Debate was in continuation of a USAID Liberia media activity on the 2023 Nationwide House of Representatives Elections debate process.

I have not observed any of the debates fully across the remaining Eight Electoral Districts, however the process that I observed yesterday from the debate hall in Zekepa was unfair and poorly organized based on the listed counts:


The place was overcrowded and the candidates were not protected, from the audience and fellow candidates, which was a gateway to violence

Fact finding

The organizers didn’t  erect a checkpoint for finding the truth in all the statements from the candidates , the candidates could say or used invectives at their will at any time at the debate.

Provision of civil education on the Electioneering processes

The audience are also voters and had the right to understand the elections role and I believe it was the organizers responsibility to educate the audience but was not also observed


I also observed that the PA system including other logistics were provided by one of the candidates and this was also not a best practice

The Absence of Nimba County Community Radio Association Leadership

I also observed that Mr. Kennedy Domah and his leadership from Nimba County Community Radio Association who should be the host were not also present.


My dear colleagues at The Public Trust Media Group, thanks for the effort in traveling across Nimba County but above are key areas that we at Women Empowerment Forum Liberia-WEFL observed as one of the leading Women and Human Rights Defenders in Nimba County Electoral District Nine, Nimba, and Liberia at large.

We hope you will come up with a statement, but WEFL doesn’t see the process as a debate.

Kindly reference is live video link on Nimba D-9 TV:

Women Empowerment Forum Liberia- #WEFL



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