What is Believed to be Food Poison Affects At Least 30 Citizens of Dorpa Nimba County Electoral District Nine, but No Death Has been Reported

At least 30 persons have been hospitalized at The Jackson F. Doe Regional Referral Hospital in Tappita Nimba County after what is believed to be Food Poison affected them.
Prof. Johnson N. Gwaikolo

Narrated By: Timothy Saye Guannue Garsaynee

Edited & posted by: Edmund C. Gbarwee/Nimba D-9 TV Public Health Reporter/ Photos credit: Roosevelt Lakpor/CEO/Lakpor Guard Service

Dorpa, Nimba County Liberia: – Food poison according to NSH Inform is Illness caused by food contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites, or toxins. Infectious organisms or their toxins are the most common causes of food poisoning. Food poisoning symptoms may include cramping, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhoea’s food poisoning is mild and resolves without treatment. Ensuring adequate hydration is the most important aspect of treatment.

At least 30 persons have been hospitalized at The Jackson F. Doe Regional Referral Hospital in Tappita Nimba County after what is believed to be Food Poison affected them.

According to Timothy Saye Guannue Garsaynee, a son of the Dorpa residing in Monrovia who took on different messenger chat groups and narrated as below,

“A team of women went to work for money on a man called Josiah’s farm on Monday July 10,2023. The team contains 28 members (26 women and 2 men).

A man only named as Josiah and his family from Upper Nimba came and settle in Dorpa and have spent over five years. They bought farm land from the town people and even built two houses.

According to  sources, Josiah’s wife cooked goat meat for the team of workers. They firstly prepared GB and waited for the team of workers to come before preparing the GB soup. After the team of workers arrived on her farm in the morning, she asked few of those girls to help her in order to prepare the GB soup because she is not too perfect in preparating GB.

The girls helped her and prepared the GB soup and the team of workers ate the morning food.

In the afternoon, after cooking rice, she also sent for the same girls who helped her first with the GB soup to also help cook the soup for the rice which they did.

Fast forward some members of the team of workers were concerned and began to ask her.

You have been cooking for you and your family since you been here in Dorpa, why only today you are asking for help? She said nothing.

The team of workers than began to also ask why she cook goat because they don’t want to eat any stolen food.

She said her sister gave her the goat because they never have money to buy fish or meat for them.

What will interest you is she and her family never ate any of the GB or rice that had the goat meat in it.

After all, they came to town in the evening.

After they returned to town, they gave their part of food they brought from the farm to different people. Josiah and his family never ate any of the food.

The next morning on Tuesday July 11, 2023, the entire team members who went on the farm including the people who ate the food  stomach began to run and some people started vomiting. The town people sent all of them to the Boyee Clinic but some of them conditions were very bad so the Clinic called for ambulance at Jackson F, Doe Regional Referral Hospital (JFD) in Tappita. Seven (7) persons where firstly transferred to JFD but the number of victims continue to increase.

Local authorities of Blinlon Administrative District assembled in Dorpa and invited Josiah and his family. From one thing to another, Josiah’s daughter confessed that they found the goat dead  on their farm but they don’t know what killed the goat. Their mother told them not to eat it and  if nothing happen to the team of workers who ate the goat, than they will start eating theirs.

Josiah has been arrested by the Liberia National Police(LNP) Team in Tappita undergoing investigation as his wife  escaped toward Rivercess.

Dorpa citizens have paid over LD$50,000 as hospital bill and they are calling on everyone to help them.

Amongst those who have so far contributed are, Prof. Johnson N. Gwaikolo, Representative of the District, Josiah Doelakeh, Representative Candidate, Richard M. Tingban Representative Candidate, Roland Nensian Former Yarwin Mehnsonnoh University Student Association (YARMUSA) President and others.

According to Timothy, 10 persons have been discharged while the rest are being monitor by medical practitioners at the hospital. No death has been reported


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