Plan International Liberia with Funding from EU Spotlight Initiative & Partners Dedicate 15 Homes to Women Household Heads in Bahn City Nimba County

"Whenever there is a conflict or war women and girls always face the most difficulties. At the same time, it is women who contribute significantly to peace building in a County" Said UNFPA Country Representative Madame Bidisha Pillai
UNFPA Bahn-2

By: Mellish Gbor /Reporter, Nimba D-9 TV & Radio Saclepea FM 101.5/ Edited/Posted By: Edmund C. Gbarwee/Nimba D-9 TV Public Health Reporter/

Bahn City Nimba Liberia: – The weather was very friendly and nature was pleased over the weekened when 15 Durable Shelters were dedicated to  15 Women headed households in Bahn City, Nimba County Liberia West Africa.  

Partners at the Official Dedication Ceremony in Bahn

According to UNHCR as a UN Partner to the Spotlight Project was allocated USD$250,000 through UNFPA, a recipient UN agency of Spotlight funding, to construct 25 shelters for victims and survivors of SGBV incidents in 2019. UNHCR has steadily supervised and monitored the construction of the 25 houses with the UNFPA and identified the criteria and beneficiaries for these shelters with inputs from other partners primarily the LRRRC. It is important to note that recipients of these houses included 9 host community families.

As a reminder, UN agencies that were not recipients of the fund were required to write a proposal justifying their inclusion which UNHCR submitted a one-page targeting the prevention of SGBV by supporting victims or would-be victims with durable shelters. The proposal was accepted and UNHCR was earmarked to implement the shelter project through funding from UNFPA. An initial 10 shelters were completed and handed over in 2019. Meanwhile Due to COVID-19, the construction of the remaining 15 Units were put on hold until 2021. In February of 2022 UNFPA communicated with UNHCR that PLAN who is the implementing partner for the project had completed the 15 shelters and were ready for handover.

UNHCR appreciates  the Government and the people of Liberia, particularly in Nimba County for welcoming refugees in Liberia and also salutes the close cooperation and support that they have received from the Government agencies, UN family, and the local administration and people of Nimba County for this  and other ongoing projects.

The Dedication which brought together Stakeholders and community members in Bahn at the Refugees Camp was part of EU Spotlight Initiative Project and was highly appreciated by all partners.

During the Official Hand Over and Dedication Ceremony from Plan International Liberia to UNFPA to UNHCR to GOL to LRRRC to County Authority then finally the individual beneficiaries,

UNFPA Country Representative Madame Bidisha Pillai said they are delighted to participate in the dedication process of Women Headed Household (WHH), Madame Bidisha Pillai thanked the Government of Liberia and the Citizens for their hospitalities for providing save environment for their Neighboring Country to fine Shelters and to have access to the same rights. Madame Bidisha Pilla furthered said they are grateful to European Union (EU) for their support to the Spotlight Initiative, She also appreciated UNHCR for collaborating with UNFPA and the implementing partner Plan International Liberia.

Bidisha Pillai,UNFPA Country Representative

She added that whenever there is a conflict or war women and girls always face the most difficulties. At the same time, it is women who contribute significantly to peace building in a County. 

UNHCR Representative, H.E. Antony Akumu Abogi

expressed thanks and appreciation to Saclepea and the people of Bahn for accepting Refugees. He said they  are happy for the 15 beneficiaries who have received the houses today, H.E. Abogi said that some of the houses stayed have problem like electricity and Sanitation and they are going to make sure that it is solve out quickly. According to the UNHCR Representative they have early constructed 10 units and this is another 15 that was handed over today on the Spotlight project. He asked the 15 individual beneficiaries to be freed and welcomed to another community and asked them to live under the Rule of Law.  

H.E. Anthony Akumu Abogi,UNHCR Representative

Executive Director for LRRRC Hon. Rev. Festus R.B. Logan for his part appreciated Plan International Liberia,  UNFPA, UNHCR and the local authorities for the working relationship. Hon. Rev. Logan asked all the beneficiaries to observe sanitation in preventing harmful creatures. Rev. Logan said LRRRC is willing to work with all the partners especially the vulnerable women all over the country and they are asking that the same process should go to them. Mr. Logan also added that LRRRC is contemplating in bringing recreational Centers where the youths will not have to think on criminal activity, so that the youth can have places to entertain themselves.

Rev.Festus R.B. Logab,LRRRC Executive Director

Robbin Kpoayor, City Mayor of Bahn City said he’s grateful to God and the family of UNHCR, UNFPA and the implementing partner Plan International Liberia for this huge project. He furthred added that the 15 women headed households  who benefited should maintain the homes well and asked to live in line with the laws of Liberia. “We are also asking you all kindly to always observe sanitation in preventing yourselves from sicknesses. We are calling on you the 15 women headed households to always participate in Community Development” said Mayor Kpoayor.

Robbin Kpoayor, City Mayor of Bahn City
Brooks,An Ivorian and one of the beneficaries

One  of the beneficiaries Mr. Brooks who spoke with Nimba D-9 TV & Radio Saclepea who is Physically Challanged,  said he firstly wants to tell UNHCR, UNFPA and the implementing partner Plan International Liberia for the kind gesture, And to the Government of Liberia and its citizens especially Nimba County for accepting them to live in Liberia, Mr. Brooks also asked any humanitarian organization (s) to help him with false foot so that he can be able to support his family, according to him, he suffered so long of a sickness that resulted him in losing one of his legs.


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