ArcelorMittal-Liberia’s Yuelliton Phase II Exploration Drilling Progresses with Excellent Safety Record

“The key is everyone in the team is valued for the work they do. Safety is seen in the team as a culture, and it is practiced always,” he added
AML-Phase-II Expansion

Nimba County Liberia:- ArcelorMittal-Liberia Phase II resource exploration drilling exercise on Mount Yuelliton is reporting well on course and above target with an excellent safety record so far.

Aimed at converting ‘potentially available indicated materials’ to reserves for the Phase II mine development studies, the exploration drilling will improve the accuracy and confidence of the geological models which will directly improve the accuracy of the mine plan.

The team comprises a Senior Exploration Geologist, Desmond Edifor; Senior Geologist, Richard W. Tuopay, and two young geologists, Edith M. Wamah, and Trokon T. Zahn, who joined AML in 2019 as geologist assistants, immediately after graduating from the University of Liberia. Wamah and Zahn were first promoted to the positions of Junior Geologists after a period of mentorship and then to full geologists.

With an average target of 252.00m of drill core per week, the team over the past weeks has reported achieving above its target, with a variance of over 60.00m, weekly.

Edifor, who heads the team of geologists working on the Phase II exploration described the achievement as a motivation for the team, noting that all its efforts are being translated into good production figures. Edifor said the achievement will also, in a positive impact on AML’s drilling project milestones.

He said achieving such huge success with an excellent safety record is entrenched in the company’s mantra of “Safety First, Always”, adding that ensuring a safe working environment coupled with the team’s dedication to working, was the main factor.

“The key is everyone in the team is valued for the work they do. Safety is seen in the team as a culture, and it is practiced always,” he added.

Edifor also credited the achievements to several actions prioritized by his team, including taking daily Toolbox Talks seriously, having well-trained and competent staff, communication, unity, and commitment in the team, while providing performance feedback to team members.

He praised AML for the support of his team, adding that they are proud to be working with AML, one of the leading mining companies in the world.

“ArcelorMittal provides the environment for learning and growth,” he emphasized.  

Exploration drilling team reading a map to locate a point for exploration drilling at Mt. Yuelliton

The ongoing exploration drilling and sampling project takes care of the exploration activities on the main deposits within the AML concession, with the team being required to ensure that all exploration activities are carried out in a very safe, efficient, and cost-saving manner. Some of the successful exploration drilling programs previously executed by the team include the Tokadeh Stage 2 drilling in 2019, Yuelliton Stage 1 drilling in 2021, and the Tokadeh Stage 3 drilling in 2021/ 22.


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