The Managing Director of Africa Development Management Associates, B. Elias Shoniyin, is urging young university graduates to cultivate integrity and resilience

B. Elias Shoniyin

Liberia: – In his commencement speech at Carver Christian University on Wednesday, former Deputy Foreign Minister Shoniyin who is Dean of Cuttington Graduate School of Global Affairs emphasized that acquiring a degree alone is not sufficient for success but requires a firm demonstration of integrity and resilience.

Speaking to about 150 Carver University graduates at the Effort Baptist Church in Paynesville, the former deputy foreign minister stressed that integrity is the cornerstone of a successful career, urging graduates to hold steadfast to their values in a world where shortcuts are common.

He reminded them that their time at the university has equipped them with the discipline to face life’s challenges but warned they must do so with determination, resilience, and integrity.

Mr. Shoniyin stated that the youth of Liberia must embrace excellence and resilience, saying, “The road ahead may be challenging, but it is also filled with endless possibilities.”

According to the ADMA Managing Director, the people of Liberia continue to suffer from extreme poverty, corruption, and inadequate infrastructure, but the graduates can be a catalyst for change and a beacon of hope for future generations.

 He emphasized that in the face of these challenges, the determination and commitment of every Liberian can help change the story.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shoniyin encouraged the Carver Christian University graduates to adopt a positive mindset and a commitment to continuous learning.

He added that the world is constantly changing, and the ability to adapt to new situations is crucial.

He noted that graduates should embrace lifelong learning, seek out growth opportunities, and remain open to new ideas to make a difference.

He finally urges the graduates to go forth with confidence, determination, and a heart full of hope. Make a difference, not just for yourselves but for their communities, and Liberia; stating in his closing: “May your future be as bright and boundless as your dreams. Bravo for the tenacity that has brought you this far. The world awaits your brilliance. Go forth and shine!”


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