Prof. Johnson N. Gwaikolo Congratulates Rep Elect Hon Taa Z. Wongbe

Prof. Gwaikolo and Taa

Liberia, West Africa: – The results of the 2023 Legislative and Presidential elections have been announced. The citizens of Electoral District 9, Nimba County did not honor our reelection bid for which we were not reelected. I accept this decision and congratulate the district for its preferment of Mr. Taa Wongbe. We are therefore, moving on.

Let me extend heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of you for being strong members of our Team. For the last six years, we demonstrated leadership that positively impacted all five Administrative Districts of Electoral District 9. The evidences are there: high school, market halls, school buildings, clinics, steel plated bridge, radio station, office building, hand pumps, road rehabilitation, palaver huts, modern ferry, scholarships, Nimba University, medical assistance, etc. Our representation elevated us to the 7th Lawmaker in the House of Representatives, the first ever for lawmakers of District 9. We must therefore be proud of our record, and move forward with strength and in preparedness to always be there for the district.

Thank you to all Crusaders, CDCians, Media Team, Militants, and all who stood by us including Elders and Youth. Thanks to Mother Gifty Gwaikolo and her Women Wing. You performed your duties.

As we look up to the Presidential Runoff, I strongly urge us to support President Weah. He represents the better leadership option for the next six years. Join me to be part of his victory.

May God bless us all.


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