“George Flomo: Driving Positive Change in Nimba County, Liberia West Africa  through UNICCO’s Vision”

"My dream has and continues to be on helping to bring positive change to my community and community dwellers," says Flomo
George Flomo in Domahpa-1

By: Staff Reporter,, +231778070604

United States of America: – Growing up in Sanniquellie, Nimba County, Liberia, George Flomo always dreamt of bringing positive change to his community. Today, as the National Project Director of the United Nimba Citizens’ Council (UNICCO), he is turning that dream into reality. “My dream has and continues to be on helping to bring positive change to my community and community dwellers,” says Flomo.

Founded in 1979, UNICCO stands as Nimba County’s premier Diaspora organization, renowned for its impactful community-based programs. Under the leadership of National President Samuel Wogbeh Gee, and with Flomo at the helm of project initiatives, the organization has reached new heights of success and influence.

Since his appointment, George Flomo has not only embraced his role but has also set a rapid pace for progress. Among his notable achievements is the United Nimba Citizens’ Council Women Empowerment Center (UNICCO WEC). This US$250,000 project is currently at the roofing stage in UNICCO-Village, located 6 kilometers along the Ganta-Gbarnga highway. Another significant project, the Domahpa School, is underway to full completion thanks to Flomo’s lobbying efforts and the support of the UNICCO Minnesota Chapter, led by President Victoria Sendolo Zulu and her wonderful team.

Flomo’s leadership also saw the successful execution of the Home-Coming for Development Program in Saclepea, Nimba County. Additionally, he ensured the full payment of UNICCO University Scholarship fees for the first time and oversaw two successful national conventions held in the USA.

As National Project Director, George Flomo collaborates closely with the administration and Board of Directors to implement impactful programs both in Liberia and within the Diaspora. These initiatives include visiting all electoral districts in Nimba to provide essential medical and non-medical supplies, tracking necessary health and school materials, and volunteering in the USA to secure more funding for Nimba County.

“I am excited to have Edmund C. Gbarwee, UNICCO Country Representative in Liberia including his wonderful team who continue to help us in achieving all our community initiatives back home in Liberia. I must give it to them because they are truly selfless and ready to go the extra mile in serving Nimba County” says Flomo in this Paper.

Today, on his birthday, George Flomo reflects with gratitude on the blessings that have allowed him to contribute significantly to the Nimba County community. His relentless efforts continue to transform his lifelong dream into a tangible reality, fostering a brighter future for his homeland.


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