A Young Liberian Emerging Soil Scientist/Agronomist Cowpea(Beans) Discovered at East Nimba Reserve, Undergoes Final Practice Research at Liberia International Christian College Agro-Department

D Marker Gbarwee

By: Uriah Goah Jr/Nimba D-9 TV Central Nimba Reporter/

Nimba County Liberia: – D. Marker Gbarwee born in Gompa City and raised in Zekepa Yarwin Mehnsonnoh Statutory District Nimba County Liberia West Africa during the heat of the Liberian civil war that took away lives, properties including educational opportunities for youth advancement continue to seek and knock the doors of being an Emerging Soil Scientist/Agronomist.

His quest led him to have attended and graduated from the Broker’s Washington Institute Agriculture Department in Kakata Margibi County Liberia some years back with flying colors.

After his graduation he got employed with Rural Integrated Center for Community Empowerment (RICCE) as Agro-Extension Officer fully funded by ArcelorMittal-Liberia Biodiversity Conversation Program.

Recently Nimba D-9 TV met with the emerging soil scientist at his backyard testing site in Gompa City Nimba County and here are what he told this paper,

“Welcome Nimba D-9 TV and allow me share with you in summary how we arrived here as an emerging soil scientist. I am a 30 years old Liberian born at Gompa United Methodist Hospital under a very difficult health situation during the very heat of the war according to my mother who is now a retired school teacher Mrs. Irene S. M. Gbarwee. For time I am grateful that me and my mother survived through it all.

While working as Agro-Extension Officer with RICCE under ArcelorMittal-Liberia Biodiversity Conservation Project in one of our assigned project communities called Giepa in Gbelaygeh District Nimba County Electoral District Three (3), around the East Nimba Nature Reserve Forest, I was weeding grass in a bitter-ball garden and saw this single beans seed on the ground, I took it never planted it there, but rather kept it and planted it at my testing site and after 3-4 days amazingly it started to germinate. And I said WOW! After I returned from break it was cut by mode cricket. I felt very discouraged but God was really working it out.

So the remaining stem re-germinated and grew well and in 2 months 12 days this beans was ready for harvest. We and our community been eating it and even selling some in the local market.

Now, let me tell you what makes this beans different from other species of beans.

This beans has the following so far since I discovered it:

  • High protein rate
  • Each single pod contain 18- 20 seeds. That is biggest difference it has from other beans
  • Low fats
  • Short duration for harvest (2 months 12 days)
  • Cut and grow, which means after harvest you can cut over it and it will grow and produce again.
  • Seeds color is chocolate (deep brown)
  • Seeds planting require spacing like you planting corn. Don’t broadcast it
  • Very fast to done when cooking
  • Climate resilience which is highly adaptable for Sun shine (which means you can grow it two times a year)”
D. Marker Gbarwee at one of his Agro-Tech Sites

To conclude, “I am extremely grateful to God and excited that this beans species I discovered seven years ago has finally landed here at The Liberia International Christian College Agriculture Department and the school has secure a site for our cowpea (beans) discovered for final practical research work. They will analyze it if it is really a new variety. Since discovered I have been doing myself house seven years research from one seed found to a lot of this we eating, planting and selling some to others. I want to equally appreciate my colleagues at Sons of the Soil Agrarian Org (SOS-AID) including other partners and you Nimba D-9 TV for always doing all in your reach to lifting human interest stories as way of helping to implement the Sustainable Development Goals -#SGDs by 2030.  

D. Marker Gbarwee at one of his Agro-Tech Sites

D. Marker Gbarwee told this paper that, the moment all research works are done and analyze with findings that this beans is a new variety he has been told by God to name it, ‘markpea(MP).

For more information, you can contact D. Marker Gbarwee on +231770211601 or email:


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