U.S. Embassy calls on Liberians to remain patient as NEC continues announcing of Election results from across Liberia

U.S. Embassy

By Mark Dahn

The U.S. Embassy says it is aware that multiple candidates and political parties are claiming victory prior to the announcement of official results from the National Elections Commission.

“For our part, the U.S. Embassy, like other international partners, will be awaiting official results from the NEC before judging the outcome of the election, despite claims by any party or candidate, and encourage Liberians to patiently do the same”, the statement from the embassy said.

The statement further added that the embassy notes the joint post-election press statement from the ECOWAS and African Union election observation missions and agree that “media, political parties, and candidates [should] avoid the temptation to call the elections results ahead of NEC’s declaration.

Meanwhile the United States Embassy has congratulated   the people of Liberia for their participation in the elections and commend the dedication displayed in exercising the right to vote and engage in the electoral process.

“We continue to urge all citizens, political parties, and political aspirants to await official results calmly, patiently, and peacefully”, the embassy concluded in a statement.

There has been pockets of jubilations across Liberia with some candidates claiming victory ahead of NEC’s official announcement of tallied results.


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