Two Wounded, As Electoral Violence Hits Nimba District Nine

Rep Johnson N Gwaikolo and Amos Y. Myers

By: Nimba D-9 TV/

Campa#1, Gbi&Doru Nimba, Libera: – Nimba County Electoral District Nine is comprising of five administrative districts, namely; Blinlon, Doe, Gbi&Doru, Mehnsonnoh and Zehnla respectively, while it is border by five counties; Bong, Bassa, Rivercess, Sinoe and Grand Gedeh. Nimba County Electoral District Nine has 10 (ten) candidates for this 2023 representative elections.  

Our Legislative Reporter who is following the 2023 elections including other civil societies actors working across the district are reporting that, Nimba County Electoral District is one of the electoral districts in Liberia that has not reported any electoral violence dating as far back as 1997.  

The National Elections Commission has provided safety guidelines to all political parties and candidates inclusive of the Farmington Declaration which guideline 6 stressed about prevention of electoral violence.

Reports coming in from Gbi&Doru have it that supporters believed to be from the camp of Nimba County Electoral District Nine CPP Representative Candidate Amos Y. Myers allegedly attacked and wounded two supporters of Incumbent Representative Johnson N. Gwaikolo at a campaign rally in Camp#1.

“The citizens welcome Johnson N. Gwaikolo and his supporters in Camp#1 and while he was in speech at the town hall, some youths believed to be from Amos Y. Myers camp, started to do video recording and one of them had stick, something that Team Gwaikolo, advise them to kindly leave since they had stick which was not acceptable in the hall. They refused and one of them moved inside the hall and nearly hit Rep. Gwaikolo. At that point, the militants of Team Gwaikolo immediately moved in and took Rep Gwaikolo as the citizens condemned Candidate Myers and team because they have already visited Camp#1 and it was Rep Gwaikolo time to do same.

It is sad that Candidate Amos Y. Myers whose father believed to be from Zehnla where the Incumbent hails from will be the first to introduce electoral violence in the district.

Bill Jackson Paye and Eric Wesseh, supporters of Gwaikolo were wounded in the process as Ezekiel Dennis and Moses Wonsiah were chased by the supporters of Team Myers. Rep Gwaikolo and team left the community for safety. Calm as since been restored’’- Narrates an Elder who asked to remain anonymous  

Nimba D-9 TV Centre News Room placed calls to both Rep. Gwaikolo and Candidate Myers and Rep Gwaikolo confirmed the situation but said calm has been restored and the two supporters wounded were treated at a local health facility in Tappita, while CPP Candidate Myers phone in after placing several calls but said it was Rep Gwaikolo and his supporters who beat and wounded his supporters talking away their phones and wallets. “Rep. Gwaikolo will pay for everything as we saw him as big brother but he is proceeding like a child”. Said Myers.

Rep Gwaikolo furthered said that, “same nearly happened in Doe, Doumpa when some youths went and wore Taa Wongbe jersey and wanted to march in where they were concluding their campaign rally with the people of Doumpa”.

Nimba D-9 TV has verified with link below that Candidate Amos Y. Myers and his supporters at the just ended 2023 USAID Liberia Media Nationwide House of Representatives Elections Debate were being seen fighting to take an extra chair in the debate hall. The debate which was held in Zekepa by Liberia Public Trust had put in place rules for all the candidates and also provided seating for everyone. He and his supporters were seen with an extra chair to be taken by them for safety according him. Chairs were already provided for all the 10 candidates. Though it was prevented but there was a very serious tension between he, his supporters, the organizers of the debate and the securities (Community Watch Forum).

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NEC Local authorities including the Joint Security in Nimba are yet to provide details on the latest from Gbi&Doru.

Official campaign will come to an end on Sunday October 8th,2023, while citizens will go to the polls on Tuesday October 10th,2023.

Angie’s Brooks International Centre Women Situation Room with fundings from partners have continue to provide civic education for the prevention of electoral violence but at the same time tracking all violent cases and interventions.

Nimba County Electoral Districts Four, Three, Seven and now Nine have reported electoral violence cases as one account from District Four have it that one person lost his life while in District Three one person was wounded followed by District Seven and Nine.

Stakeholders and citizens have committed to have a peaceful election as Liberians go to the polls on next week Tuesday October 10th, 2023.


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