Nimba University Acknowledges ArcelorMittal Liberia’s Support, Appeals for Faculty Enhancement

Nimba University

Sanniquellie, Nimba, Liberia:- Nimba University is deeply grateful for the ongoing support it receives from ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML), as it plays a crucial role in the university’s sustainability.

However, the university is also making a heartfelt plea for assistance in improving the quality of its faculty.

An executive from the university expressed their appreciation for AML’s consistent support, which is mandated by the Mineral Development Agreement (MDA).

They emphasized that this support is the primary and dependable source of funding that arrives promptly and without hindrance.

Emmanuel A. Donseah, the Acting Dean of Engineering and Geosciences, underscored the vital role of AML’s support.

He pointed out that without AML’s support, Nimba University would face severe operational challenges, as government funding alone cannot sustain the institution.

Despite AML’s annual financial contribution of $50,000, Donseah highlighted the numerous challenges that Nimba University continues to grapple with.

These challenges span various areas, including faculty quality, logistical support, laboratory facilities, and operational expenses.

Donseah elaborated that the university faces difficulties related to managing expenses such as staff salaries, utilities, supplies, and other routine operational costs.

Among the university’s most pressing needs is an urgent enhancement of its faculty. In this regard, the school is kindly appealing to AML for support.

He stated, “We still have challenges that require AML’s support. One of the key challenges is the need for professional staff training at the PhD and master’s levels, which would greatly benefit the university.”

While Acting Dean Donseah himself holds a graduate degree in Structural Engineering, he cannot be formally appointed as dean due to regulations set by the National Higher Commission on Higher Education, which require only PhD holders to assume such a position.

Donseah emphasized, “I can’t be confirmed as dean, and I will only be acting if I am here. Therefore, I need training and support. Others with master’s degrees also require this support to obtain terminal degrees that would strengthen Nimba University.”

He urged AML to consider reducing the age limit for international scholarships or providing special dispensations to faculty members at Nimba University to pursue advanced training.

Donseah stressed, “We, the university leaders, are committed to elevating our staff to master’s and PhD levels to meet the minimum teaching criteria for tertiary education. Consequently, we continue to appeal to ArcelorMittal to support our staff with scholarships for advanced training.”

He also highlighted the willingness of teaching staff at the University to enter into an agreement that, in return for scholarships funded by AML, they would commit to returning and teaching at the university upon completing their studies.

With AML’s support, the dean believes that Nimba University has the potential to establish itself as a premier technical and engineering institution in Liberia.

This support will enable the university to meet the rigorous standards set by the National Commission on Higher Education and contribute to the education and training of more qualified Liberians.


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