News Release :ArcelorMittal Liberia ─ Leading in Private-sector Security Capacity Development

AML and Police

Buchanan, Grand Bassa (January 10, 2024) ̶  In a milestone partnership between ArcelorMittal Liberia and the Liberia National Police Academy and Training School, twenty-six senior and middle level officers of the company’s security department have begun an intensive three-week training program offered by the police training academy.

It is the first-ever mid-level management private sector security course offered by the Police Academy, making ArcelorMittal Liberia the trendsetter for private sector security capacity development Liberia.

The training runs from January 8 to February 3,2024 and targets three categories of AML security staff, namely, middle management; line management; and security investigators in separate sessions.

At least fifty-four different topics will be covered, including practical sessions and field trips. The topics range from Ethical Conduct, Overview of Security Industrial, Legal Framework, Communication Skills, Human Rights, Use of Force, Sexual Harassment, Community Engagement, Basic qualities of a Private Investigator amongst others.

Launching the course at ArcelorMittal Liberia Buchanan and Yekepa concessions, Deputy Chief of Police and Deputy Commandant for Training at the Police Academy Coolo Moses Tamba Sepoh hailed the partnership with ArcelorMittal Liberia in launching the training for its security officers.

Deputy Chief of Police Sepoh said they have put together some of the most professional and highly skilled police instructors to administer the training program which he said is critical for security professionals.

He admonished the participants to devote their time and put in the effort to complete course, warning that only those who fully complete the course work will be certificated by the Liberia National Police Academy and Training School.

“Managerial training is very important for the security sector…whether private or national. These courses are very important, so do not overlook them. A lot will be expected of you. You will have to put in extra time to complete the course,” the Deputy Chief of Police emphasized.

Launch of the first-ever mid-level management private sector security course, not only aligns with ArcelorMittal’s overall commitment to invest in the development and training of Liberians working with the company, but it also reinforces efforts to promote local content, demonstrating confidence in Liberian institutions to deliver top-notch services.

Representing the company’s management at the launch of the training in Buchanan, Attorney Bendu Weeks-Lewis, HR Business Partner (Buchanan) reminded the participants that their dedication to enhancing security is crucial in safeguarding the environment.

“Each one of you plays a vital role in creating a safer environment, and your commitment to excellence is truly commendable,” Atty. Weeks-Lewis stressed. 

The AML Buchana HR Business Partner said the security landscape is dynamic, and highlighted that the continuous pursuit of learning ensures that officers stay ahead of emerging threats.

“Seize every opportunity to expand your skill set and stay well-informed about the latest developments in the field,” she told the participants.

Meanwhile, ArcelorMittal Liberia’s Security Manager Francis Bangura said the partnership with the police training academy and the rollout of the program come at an important time when company is advancing with its Phase II expansion project.

Operating a project, the scale of the Phase II, Bangura said requires a well-trained and equipped security architecture that does not just protect people and infrastructure but builds positive relationships with communities to help keep the environment safe and secure.

Bangura commended the AML management and the Liberia National Police Academy and Training School for such strategic partnership that will benefit the two institutions and the country.

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