UNICCO Leadership meets with Rebina Carson Miss Liberia Contestant 2022

Liberia – United Nimba Citizens Council (UNICCO) NATIONAL newly elected President Samuel Wogbeh Gee hits the ground running ahead of his official inauguration comes October 2022 in Minnesota, The United States of America.
Appearing live on one of the biggest online platforms in Liberia, Nimba D-9 TV during his very short visit in Liberia, the president elect extended thanks and appreciation to outgoing President Dahn K Dennis and his team for paving the road.
“President Dennis and his team worked so hard and we appreciate them but is time for the young and old to stand up together in serving our citizens of Nimba in the Diaspora and here in Liberia”.

Responding to the question if he has reached out to outgoing Vice President Madame Elaine Blanton who was also contesting for the Presidency, here is how he placed it,

“Madame Vice President Elaine Blanton is one mother who loves Nimba and not just to say it but she lives it and acts it. She would have also been a great leader but everything is time by time and I will have her as one of my Senior Advisors. We have reached out to her and she too has equally reached out to us. She is a wonderful mother and she fought a real good fight “. President Elect Samuel Wogbeh Gee

Just after the interview, the president elect and UNICCO NATIONAL Project Director James Wuo Harris including UNICCO LIBERIA Office Public Relations Officer Amb. Edmund C. Gbarwee met with Miss Rebina Carson who’s contesting as Miss Liberia comes July 23,2022.
Their discussions were very fruitful as Miss Carson extended her thanks and appreciation to UNICCO family far and near but asking for their continues prayers and supports. “This is not about me but the children and youths of Liberia and we are to fully get involve with the soil (agriculture) in helping to transform a lot of things around us today. With these and many other supports, we are winners comes July 23, 2022”. Miss Carson

As you may recalled, UNICCO NATIONAL Annual Convention is scheduled every year at selected state across the United States of America. This convention usually brings together sons and daughters from across the globe in sitting up a yearly agenda for transformation and development. It has and continue to have many success stories.
Because of travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, many of those invited for this year 2022 convention in Ohio, The United States of America couldn’t make it over to the convention. His Excellency President Dahn K. Dennis administration though heading out sent all the awards for 19 recipients of Nimba to be given in Sanniquellie inline with the Nimba County Administration and the Nimba County Legislative Caucus.
UNICCO National Project Director James Wuo Harris and UNICCO NATIONAL President Elect Samuel Wogbeh Gee presented those awards and amongst the recipients were, Hon. Pharmacist Joseph N. Sowaibei, Representative Nimba Electoral District Three(3)/Chairman on Health at the 54th Legislature, Superintendent Nelson N. Korqoiu, Former Superintendent Madame Christina Dagadu, B. Mack Gblinwon Nimba County Inspector, Madame Mai Yaun Former UNICCO NATIONAL President,UNICCO Tappita Chairlady, Madame Sarah Mendoabor City Mayor of Tappita City, Atty Phelecia Yeebehn UNICCO LIBERIA Country Representative, Amb Edmund C. Gbarwee UNICCO LIBERIA Public Relations Officer (PRO)/Nimba D-9 TV CEO who won the highest award, Her Majesty UNICCO-Liberia Queen Agnes N. Zuo amongst other great and hard working sons and daughters of Nimba.

During the presentation of these awards, the chief and elder council of Nimba County Elder Peter Barloun extended their thanks and appreciation to UNICCO and cautioned youths of Nimba to take those who received the awards as case study in following same. Nimba is a great county and holding together has been our strength. Please extend our warmest greetings to all our children in the United States of America.

UNICCO Awards recipients

James Wuo Harris equally appreciated everyone for their services and cautioned the citizens of Nimba to keep standing up for community development. You can be awarded the same way because of your contribution to this great county of ours. We are grateful to have you all who turned out from far and near in gracing this occassion.

President Elect Mr. Gee who was welcomed with a traditional dance appreciated all those awarded for their voluntary services to making UNICCO known in each community of Nimba and he also said, President Dahn K Dennis sent him to medal each award recipient. He extended thanks to the county administration, the county caucus one and all who made it over. My stayed in Liberia was very rewarding as we look forward working with you all. Thanks to The One Nimba House Media Inc (Nimba D-9 TV) including all media practitioners who continue to serve this nation and beyond. We are very much grateful to having you with us all time. Keep up the good work. Our tradional leaders no word can say them all as we are grateful and our cultural dancers we say thank you and thanks to all coming.

Speaking on behalf of the awards recipients, Former Superintedent and Former UNICCO Chapter President Madame Dagadu and County Inspector Gblinwon all appreciated UNICCO NATIONAL for this historical event and cautioned those awarded to double up more in serving UNICCO as their various community levels.

In closing remarks, Nimba County Superintendent Nelson N. Korqoiu mentioned that, it was the first of its kind that UNICCO NATIONAL will come in presenting awards and he is honored to have been selected as a recipient of said award. He said, President George M. Weah is happy that citizens will be involved with community development as UNICCO NATIONAL is doing 6kilometers away from Ganta at UNICCO Village with the USD$250,000 Women Empowerment Center construction that is ongoing and the over USD$10,000 UNICCO Park that grounds were breaking in last December amongst others.
He also recognized the USD$14,000 that UNICCO sent during the COVID-19 which was distributed USD$600 each on all the 19 administrative districts across Nimba. These funds helped greatly in the fight against COVID-19, though we are still following all health protocols.
”The UNICCO team on the ground are truly a great team because they seek and act inline with situations on the ground and this continue to help our county, our administration and the government of Liberia. Nelson N. Korquoi

To our newly elected president, we say congratulations and we are praying that you be as close as President Dahn K Dennis to Nimba”. Nelson N. Korquoi

Edited & Posted by: Amb. Edmund C. Gbarwee and Written by: Giftee W. Boaslah


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