District Nine Citizens Robe, Validate and Exalt  Representative Re-election

Speaking furthered Elder Piah said, “As the head of elders and our citizens we are robing you today for all the above and beyond and we commit to stand with you as we have agreed to re-elect you comes October 10,2023”.
Prof. Johnson N. Gwaikolo, District#9 Nimba Picture1

By: Patrick Waylor/Radio Voice of Yarwin Mehnsonnoh Nimba D-9  TV/

Beinghana Nimba County Liberia: – Nimba County Electoral District Nine is made up of two administrative districts; Gbi&Doru and Doe including Yarwin Mehnsonnoh Statutory District but it has arguably been said to be the biggest electoral district in Liberia, well connected with five counties with its headquarters Zekepa being the Center of Liberia something that led Former Liberian President Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to named it as the proposed Capital City of Liberia. It is equally said to be remote because of its many challenges ranging from poor or no infrastructure, healthcare, education amongst others, but Prof. Johnson N. Gwaikolo since elected in 2017 October has and continue to work with the citizens both home and in the diaspora evidence by many self-help and collective community sustainable developments as way of putting the district on the map.

On July 26th,2023 citizens of Nimba County Electoral Nine trooped into Beinghana one of the traditional towns in Nimba as a called from the citizens and elders to gown, indorse and bless Rep. Johnson N. Gwaikolo for his many collective self-help and sustainable development initiatives in all 78 towns across the district just in five years of COVID-19 and other global and national challenges.

Elder Peter Piah who spoke on behalf of the citizens and the council of elders extended birthday wishes to Rep Gwaikolo and said, “We have invited you here to celebrate your birthday and to honour you for putting the district now on the map. In 2017, we were told that Beinghana was not going to be develop including the entire district when we elect you, however you turned those lies evidence by us seeing cars of all kind day and night and we now have Beinghana picking for the first time since 1964 in Redlight Montserrado all because of you. We can now read all six years of your legislative report something we have grade you and know that you are the best to keep on representing us for the next 6 years. You have kept the district totally at peace, reduced the risk of deaths by drowning because of the ferry, provided solar lights, built the first legislative office,

built a up to standard radio station with 700watts transmitter,

building schools,

building bridges, building market halls across the district,

building library,

elevating schools to high schools, you are now 07 in the lower house, make law and Nimba Community College is Nimba University, join others and make law for drugs,

brought companies as our families in Blinlon and Gbi&Doru are benefitting from their land rent rental fees and job opportunities, you have made Zekepa Health Center to be in the national budget as we have administrator with many jobs creation to follow, we have recording studio for our young children who are into music, you are helping our citizens in school as many have graduated and they have returned and working in our schools and at the health Center and the list goes on. These and many more are the reason for this gowning ceremony.

Speaking furthered Elder Piah said, “As the head of elders and our citizens we are robing you today for all the above and beyond and we commit to stand with you as we have agreed to re-elect you comes October 10,2023”.

Rep Johnson N. Gwaikolo responding to a jammed parked hall in Beinghana equally smiles as he appreciated the Elders and citizens for honouring him but he was fast to say, “Mother Gift Gwaikolo this gown is for you and the children including all the staff at the office and those in the field not forgetting about those citizens in the diaspora, civil society organizations one and all because without each of you, we will not be gowned today”.

“This gown represents all the above listed projects and programs and it has made us to double-up our activities as we collectively work to achieve more in the coming years. As you elected us in 2017, we are pleased that you the elders can today account for what we are achieving together and have given your support for us to go for the second term, we are humble. We have graciously accepted your request and we are calling on all to join us in serving our communities. To our diaspora citizens, we appreciate your continuous support throughout be your private or collective activities.

As we move into these elections, we are asking all to be peaceful as we have together kept the district totally at peace for almost six years. We say thanks to our local leadership one and all for the level of support’’.

At the end of the ceremony, some members of Taa Wongbe political group declared their support to Rep Johnson N. Gwaikolo second term bid stating that he has proven to be a mature leader and he has the true vision to provide balance leadership for all


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