ArcelorMittal School System: A Catalyst for Community Development and Liberia’s Educational Future


Yekepa,Nimba, Liberia:- In the heart of Yekepa, the ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML) School System, spearheaded by Superintendent Peter Zuagar, II, not only shapes the educational landscape but also emerges as a beacon of community development and a key player in Liberia’s future progress.

The school’s impact extends beyond the confines of its classrooms, profoundly benefiting the Yekepa community.

It opens its doors to the children of ArcelorMittal employees, government officials, and residents, the school fosters a spirit of inclusivity and shared growth.

Zuagar emphasizes, “The community is benefiting from the inclusive approach of the school, creating a harmonious environment for education.”

One of the remarkable aspects is the financial relief provided to parents. Zuagar notes, “Employees’ children receive quality education at no cost, with only a nominal fee of 10 Liberian dollars for registration.”

This substantial reduction in financial burden significantly contributes to the economic well-being of families in Yekepa, freeing up resources that can be channeled towards other necessities.

Moreover, the school’s outreach to government officials and local law enforcement, offering education at a modest fee, reinforces the collaborative effort to uplift the community.

By doing so, the ArcelorMittal School System actively participates in enhancing educational accessibility, contributing to the overall development of Yekepa.

In the broader context, ArcelorMittal’s commitment to shouldering the salaries of 45 teachers not only ensures the quality of education but also alleviates the financial strain on educators.

Superintendent Zuagar, while touring the premises, emphasizes the ongoing efforts to enhance the learning environment, stating, “There is a lot of work being done to create a conducive atmosphere for both students and teachers.”

Looking ahead, the ArcelorMittal School System’s plan to transition from traditional chalkboards to Digital Classrooms with internet services aligns with Liberia’s vision for an advanced and interactive educational landscape.

This forward-looking approach positions the school as a catalyst for technological progress in the region, preparing students for the challenges of the future.

As the ArcelorMittal School System continues to evolve, it exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between corporate responsibility and community empowerment.

By providing accessible, quality education and lessening the financial burden on families, the school not only shapes the present of Yekepa but also contributes to a brighter and more prosperous future for Liberia.


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