Another Tragedy, As a Family of Six Died in Fire Disaster

I am tired and can’t just imagine when other grandchildren are going to school and mine are no longer amongst them though they were just here days ago. I am kindly asking everyone to come in and help us kindly. It is a difficult thing to see all six of my children buried in this form and manner” stressed Rebecca Tomah, Mother of the Deceased
Scene of Stephen Tomah and his family were they died in fire

By: Edmund C. Gbarwee/Nimba D-9 TV Public Health Reporter/

Kpelleh Town Community, ELWA Paynesville Liberia: -“On December 2, 2022 at about 3:30AM (Local Time/GMT), it was reported that this seven bed room house which was hosting seven different families gutted by fire, though the house as seen never had city power least to say community current and only our nephew Stephen Tomah and his family of five with their room as seen being the very first room in the house got burned to death. Our hearts are troubled as we are yet to understand why only them though we are not saying those who survived should have equally lost their lives, but we need the government to investigate this as we calling on all Nimba County citizens far and near headed by Senator Prince Y. Johnson, The Government and People of Liberia, The International Community to come in and help us. Since this incident happened we are yet to get report from state securities that came here including The National Fire Service. The National Disaster Team visited us and gave us mosquito nets, two empty water gallons and two bags of 25kg rice and they left. Just imagine loosing 6 family members at once and by his grace through friends we have buried them. Rep. Samuel Enders in whose district this happened showed up immediately and provided ambulance to transport the bodies but since that time we are yet to see him as we have called forever.” says Alex L. Gban Uncle to the deceased family.

It can be recalled on February 25,2021 what was to be a joyous moment ended in another tragedy when a graduate of the University of Liberia Nancy Miller including her daughter and six(6) family members lost their lives to what medical report called Carbon Monoxide in the same ELWA Community in Paynesville outside Monrovia. They were buried in their village in Nimba County.

The Late Nancy Miller

The mother of the Late Stephen Tomah, Rebecca M. Tomah speaking to Nimba D-9 TV firstly requested a prayer which she offered emotionally with tears rolling their her face. “Since my son, my daughter in law who was also planning her wedding though four months pregnant including my grandchildren passed on December 2, 2022, it is today I am coming to see this horrible scene. I have asked God which is why I just prayed in granting me the strength as this is scaring and I can’t stand it to ever live in Liberia. My friends and families watching me and or reading this, I can’t no longer see myself living in Liberia, please help me get out!! How can someone say, that the Nimba people burnt their house when the person and his family got burned to death people and everyone else survived? I am tired and can’t just imagine when other grandchildren are going to school and mine are no longer amongst them though they were just here days ago. I am kindly asking everyone to come in and help us kindly. It is a difficult thing to see all six of my children buried in this form and manner” stressed Rebecca Tomah, Mother of the Deceased

Ambrose Cooper Uncle of the deceased and head of the family equally expressed concerned that to his disbelieved ,everyone in the house that has seven bedrooms survived but only his nephew and family got burned to death. “I am kindly asking all to come in and help us as we have gone to the family in Nimba and we are due to again reach out to them. As we all know in these difficult times, we need your help. We are in tears and don’t know how to go about this. We have planned to write the Nimba Legislative Caucus headed by Sen. Prince Y. Johnson as we said earlier including all Nimba Organizations far and near to come in and help us. You see the mother of Stephen here, we are only asking God as she’s not even to herself. We are calling on the President of Liberia Dr. George M. Weah to please get involve as these are his citizens who lived in the same District with him. Please help us and as family head we have authorized you Nimba D-9 TV to post our contact numbers and names  (Ambrose Cooper – +231886513738

Alex L. Gban – +231888289438

And Ma Rebecca M. Tomah – +232886584727) for whoever that wants to reach out to us. To conclude, we want to officially say thanks yet to friends and families who helped and have buried Stephen and his family and thanks to United Nimba Citizens Council –UNICCO for sending their team in visiting us. Just by showing up today means a lot to us and big thanks to Nimba D-9 TV for coming to see exactly the scene of the incident and report it to the rest of the world. You are indeed a very professional media team and we pray you keep up the good works” says Ambrose Cooper

UNICCO-Liberia Team at the scene

The Liberia National Fire Services (LNFS) was established to safeguard life and property from scourge of destructive fire, across the length and breadth of the country, as well as to promote efficient fire prevention services. The family of the Late Stephen Tomah or the general public is yet to get report from the December 2, 2022 Fire Incident that took away 6 of Liberia’s citizens lives.

Investigation continues.

Nimba D-9 TV fully live interview with the deceased family. Kindly follow the link and watch the interview:


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