Amid Emphasis on Workers Safety, AML CEO Coenen Assures Management’s Uncompromising Support

Liberia, West Africa: - ArcelorMittal Liberia’s Chief Executive Officer, Joep Coenen, has assured the company’s unwavering support for the safety of its workforce, as a major priority.

Liberia, West Africa: – ArcelorMittal Liberia’s Chief Executive Officer, Joep Coenen, has assured the company’s unwavering support for the safety of its workforce, as a major priority.

Speaking recently to a group of employees in Yekepa, CEO Coenen emphasized that AML attaches serious importance to its workforce, describing it as the most valuable asset, of the business.

Impressed by the maintenance of the workshop under the supervision of Elton Dwayen, CEO Coenen said the general setting of the workshop shows the employees’ commitment to work and encouraged them to continue their hard work. He noted that there would be no functioning ArcelorMittal Liberia, in the absence of its dedicated and committed workforce.

He however encouraged the workforce to fearlessly speak out on issues that affect them of the job and make suggestions for improvement. Joep said safe work does not only require conducting oneself in a safe way but also creating the conditions that will ensure the good health of workers.  

At the same time, Mines Operations and the Human Resources Departments along with Health and Safety have urged the workforce, especially operators of heavy equipment and vehicles to take safety seriously to help avert accidents.

There have been several recent incidents involving the Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) and some light vehicles resulting in property damage.  

Thankfully, the accident did not result in injury or casualty, but even minor incidents causing property damage, remain a major concern for the AML management.

In a mass meeting of mine workers at Tokadeh on September 12, Shawn Potgieter, Yuelliton Project Manage,r highlighted management’s concern about the safety of all workers.

“You have families and all of you need to go back to them safely after work. The concentrator project is ongoing and will require us to produce 15 million metric tons per annum, and if you don’t observe safety rules, you will not be a part,” he said.

Potgieter revealed that when someone is injured on the job, their family will be affected, noting, “If you don’t observe safety policies, you will be the problem and not AML. You need to stay safe to return to your families.”

Wayne Patterson, Mines Manager also stressed the need for employees to take safety seriously, not only for protecting AML’s assets but the lives of individual workers.

Patterson emphasized the need for operators of equipment and vehicles to be concerned about their individual safety, first, and then care for the equipment aiding the work they do.

During the interactive session, employees also shared their thoughts on issues that undermine a good safety culture and called for management’s intervention in addressing them. 

Atty. Patience Jordan Kargbah, HR Business Partner in Yekepa, assured the workforce that their concerns were heard and would be addressed in due time. She however encouraged members of the workforce to consider their safety as paramount as they remain a major asset to AML. 


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