A Case Against Re-electing George Weah: Prioritizing Liberia’s Future


Written by: Washington Donokolo CKA Nash Washington



Liberia West Africa: – As Liberia approaches the upcoming elections in October, it is crucial to critically assess the performance of incumbent President George Weah and make an informed decision for the nation’s future. While recognizing that opinions may vary, this article presents a compelling argument against re-electing President Weah, highlighting concerns about corruption, incompetence, human rights abuses, and the erosion of law and order under his leadership.

Corruption and Mismanagement:

President Weah’s government has faced numerous accusations of corruption, raising concerns about the misappropriation of public funds and the lack of accountability. The alleged involvement in drug dealing and money laundering only exacerbates these concerns. Liberia cannot afford a continuation of a leadership marred by corrupt practices that divert resources away from essential services and impede national development.

Human Rights Abuses and Extrajudicial Killings:

Reports of extrajudicial killings under President Weah’s administration are deeply troubling and must not be overlooked. The violation of citizens’ rights undermines the principles of justice and equality that Liberia should uphold. A leader must prioritize the protection of human rights and foster an environment of safety and trust for all citizens.

Ineffectiveness and Lack of Progress:

Despite promising to address crucial issues such as poverty, education, and healthcare, President Weah’s tenure has been marked by a perceived lack of progress in these areas. It is vital to have a leader with the expertise and competence to implement effective policies and initiatives, ensuring tangible improvements in the lives of the Liberian people.

Breakdown of Law and Order:

Under President Weah’s leadership, concerns have been raised about the deterioration of law and order within the country. A stable and secure environment is essential for sustainable development and attracting foreign investments. Liberia needs a leader who can restore confidence in the justice system and prioritize the safety of its citizens.

A Call for Change and Renewed Leadership:

Liberia stands at a critical juncture, and it requires fresh leadership capable of addressing the challenges facing the nation. The upcoming elections provide an opportunity for the Liberian people to choose a leader who can steer the country towards a brighter future, one characterized by transparency, good governance, and effective policies.


Given the accusations of corruption, incompetence, human rights abuses, and the breakdown of law and order under President George Weah’s tenure, it is essential to consider the potential consequences of re-electing him as Liberia’s president. This article emphasizes the need for change, urging voters to carefully evaluate the available options and choose a leader who can bring about genuine progress, restore faith in governance, and prioritize the well-being and development of all Liberians.


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